What if the answer is to stop begging our overlords to be altruistic and start expecting more actual, objective, practical selfishness?
ChatGPT is here to burn our crops, curdle our milk, seduce our lovers and corrupt our youth. That's it, that's the subtitle.
Why I care so much about this holiday, which is not a Hallmark holiday in the least, and in fact, is much, much cooler than most things.
On the Future Nature and Content of the Thrillingly Exciting Paid Tier
That thing where I die inside whilst telling you I worked last year and trying to pretend like this stuff is way less important to a working writer's…
So you've opened your heart to radical empathy and recognized the deep, sacred humanity in every living being you connect with online...but what about…
A brief postscript to a viral essay
Hello beautiful people who decided to support me here because you are amazing miracle humans. Thank you, I cannot say thank you enough. I am typing this…
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Penny Red
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Come Through
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